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Add meaning to your customer apps

Get access to the circumstances and conditions which brought a lead to go to a website and sign up for trial; or gather intelligence on how that lead behaves in comparison to actual customers.

One platform to provide actionable contextual and behavioural properties which will help you to interact with users in a much more personal way.

Do more with cleansed and enriched customer data

Add contextual and behavioural intelligence, derived from cleaned unified customer data.

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We use many different best-in-class marketing tools to maximise conversions, from drip email campaigns to dynamic content and messaging. By adding data enrichment properties to those apps, we now see a stagering 25% increase.

Transform customer journey events into properties

With, each new customer journey event is converted into customer and company properties. These properties, when sync’ed to your favourite sales and marketing tools, can potentially be used to trigger appropriate actions.

Clean customer data for use by other systems

If you leave it to users to fill in credentials, or have different team members assign marketing attributions, same logical entities will often be represented by different values.

Clean such data into normalised values, at the benefit of making them actionable for further processing.

Cleaning data is as simple as mapping actual to logical values. And while raw customer data remain stored in journey events, further enrichments will occur through normalised values.

Public data enrichment

Fill in the blanks in customer profiles, with user-consented publicly-available data from public sources, without needing to rely on manual processes.

Share this data with tools that does not have such native functionality, yet would benefit from it.

Powered by a probabilistic attribution model

Compute each customer’s journey touchpoints and events into our data-driven attribution model, fuelled with all other journeys from both buyers and non-buyers, and get access to incredible contextual enrichments.

These enrichments include profiling properties from interacted channels, ads, campaigns, page visits, read blog content and many others.

A directed-graph event model under the hood

Collect each customer journey event, compare these journeys and the frequency of events to other journeys, and get access to incredible behavioural data enrichments, both on customer and company level.

These enrichments include properties such as best-next-action, customer lookalike, company lookalike, likelihood-to-buy, time-to-buy, time-to-churn, among others.

Custom enrichments based on property segmentation

Use customer and company properties to build segments that will trigger setting other properties.

These enrichments enables web personalisation, personal onboarding sequences, email lists, ad audiences and many others.

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Looking for guidance?

Grab our latest eBook

Series 101 — What’s a CDP and why you most probably need it

A complete guide on managing and processing customer data and why it’s so important for your business.